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Efficiency-oriented IT Controlling

Management Summary, December 2016

A field-tested optimisation approach for efficiency-oriented IT controlling which is strictly focused on realistic IT cost calculation permits target-oriented and permanently effective IT performance monitoring for the decision makers.

Only consequent description of cause-based cost-performance relations for the full IT spectrum creates decision-relevant IT cost transparency and thus a powerful and future-proof basis for effective IT efficiency monitoring. The complete IT spectrum – from technology to conceptual projects – is without doubt a decisive success factor for the market strength and performance of an enterprise.

Decision makers therefore rightly demand: ”Our IT should be controllable and accountable according to the same principles as the areas in which money is earned! Only on this basis does our IT act as an efficient internal service provider with a demand-driven service mentality!”

At Insentis we have developed a best practice consulting approach based on many years of experience. Our optimisation approach starts with the individual initial conditions of your company and ensures the comprehensive optimisation of your IT controlling while strictly focusing on efficiency monitoring.

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On this basis we achieve the lean realisation of a target-oriented management instrument for IT performance monitoring, IT cost planning, analysis and the reliable assessment of permanent cost implications of investment decisions.

Our consulting approach is distinguished by:

  • Distinct mapping of IT functions and decision-relevant costs
  • Strict focusing on IT cost calculation based on capacity consumed
  • Meaningful transparency regarding capacity-related IT primary costs
  • Focus on relevance for decision making and realistic description of all relevant IT service relationships
  • Years of experience in lean realisation, wherever possible on the basis of existing ERP systems as well as quickly realisable, sustainable process optimisations

Benefits of a strictly efficiency-oriented IT Controlling


  • Strategic demand: IT as efficient internal service provider with service mentality
  • Call for cause-based transparency for IT costs and their service relationships
  • Demand for permanent, requirement-oriented controlling of IT performance
  • Need for flexible adaptability to dynamically changed IT service requirements
  • Demand for lean realisation and optimisation of existing ERP systems


  • Thinking in IT budgets – less in demand-based solutions for internal customers
  • Insufficient transparency through IT cost calculations decoupled from reality
  • No consistent description of the cause-cost effect for IT decisions
  • Limited reliability of existing cost-benefit parameters for IT efficiency
  • Insufficient basis for performance measurement and demand-driven cost planning


  • Efficiency-oriented IT performance monitoring with intrinsic effectiveness
  • Decision-relevant actual and planning values promptly available
  • Flexible adaptability by areas of decision and responsibility
  • Realistic cost and performance values, based on solutions needed, for
    • Strategic and operative IT management
    • IT planning
    • IT service analysis
    • and follow-up assessment of investments
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