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Main objective of the management consulting Insentis GmbH is to strengthen the IT's added value to the corporate targets. Our clients are the IT organizations and departments of the following sectors: Airlines, banking institutions, energy providers, industry, insurances.
We establish effective IT structures and optimize existing systems. Modern technology contributes to the business success of our clients.

Reorientation of IT organizations

Today, new IT technologies are the drivers of new business models and business structures. This applies to the core business of companies and to an even higher extent to the role and organization of the corporate IT. IT has to be in dynamic interaction with the operating departments in order to fulfill the requirements on responsiveness, time-to-market and efficiency. Digitalization, mobile computing and cloud computing are only three keywords describing the pressure to act.
Insentis elaborates together with its clients company-specific needs for action, bringing in line technological requirements, necessary skills, suitable organizational structures and financial resources.

Reorganization or optimization of IT processes

Be it the necessity to align the IT to more flexible business models in the core business or the challenge to react to the pressure to make IT costs more flexible, the IT organization has to adjust to the new demands.

Insentis develops new organizational concepts, assesses alternative sourcing options, designs new governance structures and accompanies its clients during the implementation phase.

Management of complex and business-critical IT projects

Conceptual strength unfolds its benefit only in combination with the competence to also be able to successfully implement complex IT projects. Basis for this ability is the professional and methodical competence of our staff.
Insentis successfully controls large business-critical IT projects, takes on quality assurance or streamlines IT projects in distress.

Our consultants' experience – Your potential

Our staff draws on an average of 20 years of experience as consultants or managers in large international organizations. Last but not least because of this they have an extensive pool of personal, professional and methodological competences.
In the role as consultant or interim manager, they master the balancing act between well-founded professional expertise in analysis and planning on the one hand and necessary abstraction on management level on the other hand.

We offer you in our company:

  • much room for development for your personal initiative
  • the opportunity to improve your skills
  • support in developing your potentials and main subjects
  • an active, cross-project knowledge management
  • short decision-making channels and flat hierarchies

The experience of our employees becomes your knowledge base.
With joining our company, you will begin an individual development phase tailored to your qualification, which will support the advancement of your professional as well as your personal competences. Our methodological and quality standards will provide you with the necessary orientation. Your new colleagues will give you necessary practical support and are looking forward to your input in experiences and creative ideas.

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