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Digital Transformation

Digitalization confronts companies with ever faster change cycles in nearly all areas. In order to still ensure sustainable competitiveness, holistic digital transformation is of fundamental importance. This comprises

  • identification and implementation of measures,
  • introduction of new products,
  • establishment of new proficiencies
  • up to real business model innovations.

Linked to this are not only challenges in change management but due to their overarching relevance complexity and resource problems as well. We support you in your digital transformation holistically or, if needed, selectively while keeping the big picture firmly in sight. We help starting with defining a vision, elaborating a digital strategy to implementing individual measures – on the conceptual level as well as in project management. By means of our well-tested

  • Insentis Digital-Capability-Framework or the
  • Insentis Digital-Maturity-Quick-Check

we ensure an efficient and target-oriented implementation. Our coaching approach guarantees the sustainability of our results by allowing for the change management aspect of these projects from the start and increasing the acceptance of the solution.

digitale Transformation



For us, the target of digital transformation is to permanently ensure the competitiveness of our clients in an ever faster changing environment. This includes efficiency increases as well as measures to secure the clientele or the ability to establish and integrate new business models. The extensive experiences of our consultants guarantees reliable results, adapted to the capability of your company.

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