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Output Management

In many companies, communication with the clients involves not only high costs but is often too slow, too complicated or too inflexible. At the same time, more and more companies demonstrate how to use the broad range of client information to form highly personalized messages. These messages can be put rapidly onto paper by means of digital full colour printing in best quality and at very favourable costs or can be sent to the clients via digital channels. Main prerequisite for such cross-channel communication is to establish a new culture of cooperation between specialist departments, IT, marketing and output management.

Also within the company there are new challenges in internal output management. The output of todays decentralized office printers usually cannot in the least keep up with the above-mentioned quality in the central printing centre. The customer can thus instantly recognize, if a document is printed centrally or (e.g. in a branch office) 'only' decentralized. This leads to a break in the corporate design – a nightmare for most marketing departments.

Another major challenge is brought on decentralized office printers by the basic regulation of the EU on data protection (DSGVO). Since May 2018, DSGVO-conform printing has to be implemented. As is known, the DSGVO stipulates draconian monetary penalties which can easily reach an extent critical to the company. In addition, each violation calls for the obligation to (immediately) report oneself in each individual case. This internal area can no longer be 'concealed' since tax inspectors and accountants are trained and obligated to scrutinize this area. Together with you, we not only elaborate individual and sustainable strategies but also custom-design their efficient implementation. This comprises the complete range from strategically setting the course, conception, technological implementation, testing and launching up to optimizing everyday production as well as establishing backup solutions for cases of emergency and/or disaster situations.

Our symbiosis of cutting-edge association work and long years of production experience is the guarantor for sustainability, practical suitability and efficiency of our custom-made solutions. You do not only profit from our expertise but also from our end-to-end assistance. You thus achieve solutions fast and without interruption on a continuously high quality level.

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