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IT Compliance

The protection of critical infrastructures (KRITIS), the IT Security Act 2.0, strongly growing regulatory requirements in the financial sector and an increasing threat situation are just a few examples of immense challenges facing corporate IT organisations. To counter this, technical measures alone are no longer sufficient by far. Rather, numerous organisational measures must be taken, comprehensive information obligations to authorities and deadlines must be met, and in many industries specific legal or regulatory requirements must also be implemented. For almost all companies, this results in the need to, for example

  • Compliance Management System (CMS) to be introduced,
  • seek certification (e.g. ISO 27001, TISAX), or
  • follow the recommendations of the BSI IT-Grundschutz,
  • to undergo appropriate audits on a regular basis,

implement the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO), the Banking Supervisory Requirements for IT (BAIT) from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the IT Security Act 2.0, PCI-DSS, MaRisk, PSD2, KRITIS & industry-specific B3S,

but at least to secure their IT sustainably and comprehensively. Board members and management are personally liable for this, the company is threatened with severe penalties and damage to its image, audits by authorities such as BaFin and BSI, so that appropriate IT compliance is of vital importance. We advise you on the needs analysis, the introduction and optimisation of measures to make your IT not only secure, but also meet the specific regulatory requirements and become efficient.

To this end, we support them by, for example

  • consider their individual requirements in economic and technical terms and optimise the associated and relevant processes,
  • Evaluate their IT solutions, in particular IT security, and develop economically viable concepts for the implementation of compliance requirements or
  • support them in realigning their IT or parts of their IT organisation and closely involve their IT governance in the projects.

We advise your IT specialists and compliance officers, for example, on the implementation of measures, help you prepare for certifications and audits or eliminate deficiencies. In doing so, we can not only draw on in-depth experience in the banking sector, but also on detailed knowledge of numerous IT security solutions. Due to our holistic, manufacturer-neutral and deeply entrepreneurial approach, we accompany you in the implementation of your specific goals with regard to future-oriented IT compliance.

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